Grade 1 Enrichment


SLES Continuity of Learning Plans - At SLES we are committed to supporting and nurturing our students during these challenging times with Distance Learning activities.  We will be using the i-Ready At Home Activity Packets to provide equitable access that supports maintenance and enrichment of what has been taught.  The grade level teachers have paced out the activities through May 28, 2020.  Additional resources are available on the SLES website in the COVID-19 Updates section. When school resumes, return the packet to your child’s teacher.   Students remember to write your name on your packet.

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Read 30 minutes each day

Try an ebook from the HIDOE Digital Library FREE (use your 10 digit Student ID to log in

Practice math facts

3/30 to 4/3

i-Ready Reading

Section 1 - Lesson 1, pg. 7-17

i-Ready Mathematics

Practice 1, pgs. 3-4

Practice 2, pgs. 5-6

4/6 to 4/10

i-Ready Reading

Section 1 - Lesson 2, pgs. 18-26

i-Ready Mathematics

Practice 3, pgs. 7-8

Practice 4, pgs. 9-10

4/13 to 4/17

i-Ready Reading

Section 1 - Lesson 3, pgs. 27-36

i-Ready Mathematics

Practice 5, pg. 11

Practice 6, pgs. 12-13

4/20 to 4/24

i-Ready Reading

Section 1 - Lesson 4, pgs. 27, 37-46

i-Ready Mathematics

Practice 7,  pg. 14

4/27 to 5/1

i-Ready Reading

Section 1 - Lesson 5, pgs. 47-54

i-Ready Mathematics

Practice 8, pgs. 16-17

Practice 9, pgs. 18-19

5/4 to 5/8

i-Ready Reading

Section 2 - Lesson 1, pgs. 55-67

i-Ready Mathematics

Practice 10, pgs. 20-21

Practice 11, pg. 22

5/11 to 5/15

i-Ready Reading

Section 2 - Lesson 2, pgs. 55, 68-77

i-Ready Mathematics

Practice 12, pg. 23

5/18 to 5/22

i-Ready Reading

Section 2 - Lesson 3, pg. 78-86

i-Ready Mathematics

Practice 13, pg. 25

Practice 14, pg. 26

5/25 to 5/29

i-Ready Reading

Section 2 - Lesson 4, pgs. 78, 87-96

Section 2 - Lesson 5, pgs. 97-104

i-Ready Mathematics

Practice 15, pgs. 28-29

Practice 16, pg. 30

For additional resources visit the 1st Grade Page
Grade 1 i-Ready At Home Activity Packets (click on the file to download)

NEW SLES Grade 1 Choice Boards: Created by the SLES Grade 1 teachers to support and continue learning at home.  Message your Grade 1 teacher if you have any questions.

OPTIONAL DOE Grade 1 Choice BoardsClick on the links below.  You should aim for at least 8 total choices per week, choosing every content area at least once.  You can also revisit choices from previous weeksThese are home learning options that you can mix-and-match.   There are options for ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies (offline; online) and Computer Science, Fine Arts, Health/PE, and World Languages (offline; online).  Make and carry out a plan for the week. Complete your plan for the week.  As you work, share and discuss with a friend or family member.



**NOTE: If you are having trouble accessing the Choice Boards, please log out of your Google account and refresh your browser window or retype the link.  You can also copy the link and paste it into a different Web browser (i.e. if you are using Chrome, open Firefox or Safari) to access these resources.