SLES Athletics (Molding Character & Attitude)

Our goal here at SLES is to provide 'Student-Athletes with sport opportunities we have to offer in an Extramural setting (play for experience and fun, no trophy!). On-court experience such as necessary skills, game experience, and sportsmanship. Off-court experience as a student-athlete with Habit of Mind (H.O.M.) and TRIBES like character traits, General Learner Outcome (GLOs), as well as important life skills. Developing the 'whole child is more focused upon while trying to reach our sporting goals. Finding 'Balance is key!
*Parent cooperation in having to transport your child or volunteer to help other players' if needed. Participants are not allowed to ride with coaches or DOE Staff.
*The goal of our athletics is also supported by the DOE's take on Extracurricular Activities:
Cross Country Season (September -  October)
Who: 6th graders coed
What: 2-mile races
Where, When:
1) Iolani Invitational @ Kapiolani Park. first week October (see note right pic)
2) King Intermediate Invitational. third week October (see note right pic)
Results: See on the right side rotating pictures
*Notes: Top 10 racers will receive a medal. About 200 racers participate in each event. 
Basketball Season (October - January)
Who: 5th/6th graders coed
Practices, Where, When: SLES, SLDP. T.B.A. Tuesdays, 2:30-4pm
Games, Where, When: T.B.A.
What: 1-hour game time
Track & Field Season (March)
Who: 6th graders coed
Practices, Where, When: SLES, SLDP. T.B.A. Recess 9:40-10am
Games, Where, When: T.B.A. 
What: 3-4 hour meet
Effectiveness Evaluation Survey
Participants please complete a survey below after your season is over and submit.