HSA Testing Information

Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) and Hawai'i State Science Assessments (HSA)


During the 2023-24 school year, all students in grades 3–6 will take the Smarter Balanced English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy and Mathematics Assessments and all students in grade 5 will take the Hawai‘i State Science (NGSS) Assessments.  The SBA tests will be administered in the 4th quarter.  If you have any questions, please contact our testing coordinators Mr. Kitashima, Ms.  Willcox or Mrs. Sumajit.


Smarter Balanced Assessment Schedule

April 22
April 23
ELA Day #1
April 24
ELA Day #2
April 25
Math Day #1
April 26
Math Day #2
April 29
ELA PT Day #1
April 30
ELA PT Day #2
May 1
SBA Make ups
May 2
SBA Make ups
May 3


Smarter Balanced Parent Information Booklets



Smarter Balance Parent Fact Sheet



Training/Practice Tests https://login9.cloud1.tds.cambiumast.com/student/V544/Pages/LoginShell.aspx?c=Hawaii_PT


Training Tests are designed to provide students and teachers with opportunities to familiarize themselves with the software, user interfaces and navigation tools that they will use on the online tests.  The questions on the Training Tests were selected to provide students with an opportunity to practice a range of question types and may be the same for multiple grades.


Practice Tests mirror the content of the various tests. The Practice Tests allows teachers, students, parents and other interested parties to experience a full assessment and gain insight into how the test will assess mastery of appropriate content standards.