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Primary School Adjustment Project (PSAP)

The Primary School Adjustment Project provides encouragement and support to young children with social, emotional or behavioral difficulties, to help each child learn more effectively in the classroom, school and community.
The Primary School Adjustment Project (PSAP) is an early intervention program that is typically 12-16 weeks long. In a play setting, children are guided and encouraged to learn and communicate effectively. PSAP is used as a transition program for new students to Salt Lake Elementary. It also serves as a bridge between students, their teachers, parents, and other support systems.
In PSAP we:
  • Help children feel more connected in school
  • Teach skills to modify classroom behavior
  • Work on skills to help with friend making
  • Explore ways to be better organized
  • Improve children's self-esteem
  • Bridge the communication gap between parents and the school
  • Make school a happier experience for parents and their child
The PSAP staff consists of two Educational Assistants that works under the guidance of a grade level counselor. 
Leilani Argel, PSAP Home-School Liaison
Huana Adiniwin
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