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Special Education Overview

The Salt Lake Elementary Public School System has developed a comprehensive plan of special education programs for children with disabilities in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Our school provides an educational opportunity for all children. Since the educational standards established for the education of all children apply to children with disabilities, it is necessary to adapt the delivery of instruction to address the unique needs that result from the child's disabilities and ensure access of the child to the general curriculum. While modifying the programs to meet specific needs, it is essential to remember that even with unique needs, the child with a disability is more alike then different from other children. Therefore, it is important that both the "typical" needs and exceptional needs be met. The foundation of our special education approach to meeting the specific needs of the exceptional child, is based upon the following:

  1. All children with disabilities should be provided a free and appropriate educational program, which recognizes individual needs and differences.
  2. All children identified with disabilities shall be provided special education programs and services within the public schools at no cost to the individual, parent, or legal guardian.
  3. A system for the early identification of disabilities in children has been established and those identified shall be provided a range of educational programs and services in the least restrictive setting.
  4. Through interagency collaboration within Salt Lake Elementary, will initiate, develop and maintain an effective and efficient delivery system of programs and services for children with disabilities.
  5. Administrators, teachers, and specialists shall have the competencies necessary to provide quality educational programs and services for children with disabilities. Systematic evaluation shall measure the appropriateness and quality of administrative and instructional programs for children with disabilities.