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E-1C Class Information


It is very important that your child is here on time every day that school is in session. Research shows that when students attend school regularly they have a better academic performance and better grades.

Please encourage and help your child to be here on time; if a student arrives later than 8:00 am, they must stop by the office to receive a tardy slip before going to class.

We know that things come up at home, kids get sick or don’t feel well so, make sure you provide a note a doctor.


F.R.O.G. Folder

Each child will be receiving a F.R.O.G. (Fully Responsible, Organized Growing) Folder.  

The F.R.O.G. folder will be sent home everyday, and it will include important notes, homework, and papers that you need to be aware of, so PLEASE check this folder daily (even on Fridays).  Also, please help your child to remember to bring it back to school with them each morning with completed forms/homework/notes.


Classroom Rules and Consequences

Classroom Rules

1. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

2. Follow directions the first time.

3. Come to class everyday, prepared to learn.

4. Stay on task during work times.

5. Follow classroom expectations and procedures.


Daily Consequences

0 reminders - Clip moves up the chart

1 reminder - Warning

2 reminders - Clip moves down the chart

3 reminders - Time out (6 minutes) with Reflection sheet

4 reminders - Loss of Free Time

5 reminders - Parent Contact


Daily Reminders

1. Please make sure your child goes to SLEEP early each night before school.

2. Please make sure he/she EATS a good breakfast each morning; either at home or in our cafeteria.

3. ** Please make sure your child wears the appropriate SCHOOL UNIFORM.

4. Pack a LUNCH / SNACK from home or purchase a lunch from our school’s cafeteria.

5. Please make sure your child brings a WATER BOTTLE to school each day. We want to make sure your child is hydrated throughout the day, especially during recess times and on P.E. days.

6. Please make sure your child’s snack/lunch bags and water bottle are labeled with his/her name.

7. Please keep your child’s LABELED sweater/jacket in his/her backpack, it does get quite chilly in our classroom throughout the school day.

8. *** Please read, review (look over & check completed assignments) and sign the HOMEWORK SHEET daily.

9. Look at and initial your child’s Classroom Behavior Sheet daily.