Student Council Earth Day Recycling Drive

On Wednesday April 19th from 7:30-7:50am the Student Council will be hosting a HI5 Recycling Drive in the SLES parking lot.  Remember to donate HI5 aluminum cans and bottles only.  All proceeds will be used to purchase our staff and student appreciation gifts (e.g. students received small appreciation gifts on Student Appreciation Day)

Please don’t forget to:

  • Write the student’s name, grade, room number and total number of items in each bag
  • Remove the bottle caps from the plastic bottles
  • Plastic bottles are required to have the labels on them
  • Rinse cans and bottles
  • Separate plastic bottles and aluminum cans


The class with the most bottles/cans will receive a Jamba Juice Party at the end of the year!


All cans and bottles must be received by 7:50 a.m. to count towards the class total.


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