Physical Education

Course Description

Purpose (S.M.A.R.T. goal/Big Idea) & Vision:

All students will increase a performance level in any given PE Standard by the end of their 6th grade year as evidence by:

 -their performance level in either meeting or maintaining personal fitness standards or goals (S. 3& 4).

-their performance level in either basic knowledge of game concepts or skills in Movement, Invasion, Net, or Field activities (S. 2 & 1).

Hawaii Content & Performance Standards (HCPS III):


Rules (TRIBES) & Consequences:

(see below pic. right)


*Key Ideas (Achieve Success):

-Health, Fun, Win

-Discipline (Listen & Do)






-Work first, Play second (Reward!)




*CO-VID 19 Challenge (Are YOU continuing to stay in shape, be fit, & well [Disciplined]? Think about what we've learned in class already. What were the KEY points?)

*Opening Letter:


1) Continue to follow your Physical Activity Pyramid (PAP. See pic. right below or


F.I.T.T principle guidelines:

F.I.T.T principle:

-F= Frequency: 4-5 days/week of physical activity

-I= Intensity: Moderate to Vigorous movement (e.g. I'm sweating/breathing hard= Vigorous)

-T= Time: 60 minutes/session (can be broken up into chunks: 15 min. morning, 15 min. afternoon, 15 min. strength training push-ups/curl-ups, 15 min. stretching/cool-down)

-T= Type: CHOOSE what activity/exercise do you feel like doing? Here are some suggestions:

a) Video/workout suggestions:

-Dance! (e.g. Just Dance 2020:

-The Body Coach TV workout sessions (

-Hip Hop Workout (

-Home Obstacle Course Challenge (

-Sport skills/forms, type 'kui ramos on YouTube search or click

b) DOE State Physical Education Online Resources for Students & Parents:

c) Tools for Home Phys. Ed:

-K-2 Content Packet Week 1/3:

-K-2 Content Packet Week 2/4:

-3-6 Content Packet Week 1/3:

-3-6 Content Packet Week 2/4:

d) Hip-Hop Public Health Dance Ed:

e) Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) if you are carrying a 'Healthy amount of weight according to your height: 


2) PE 3.2: "I can monitor (e.g. log, video clip, etc.) my own exercise/physical activities at home by following PAP or F.I.T.T principle guidelines":

-See attachment on the right side that looks like a 'calendar

-Make your own calendar form

-Just track what you do, that's it!

-If don't do nothing, it's OK. Put n/a. (rest is sometimes appropriate when needed)

-At the end of each week, is your 'Grade (see the 'Rubric on example Log on right pic. on the bottom of it. We'll take the Mean scores to determine your grade)


*If you'd like for me to look at your work for suggestions etc., email & attach it to me:


-You can use this type of log also:


*Stay healthy, stay fit, & stay positive. I'll see you all soon:). 


Mr. Ramos