Physical Education

Course Description

Purpose (S.M.A.R.T. goal/Big Idea) & Vision (Data via driven FitnessGram Test results):

Based on the Hawaii Content & Performance Standards (HCPS III)(, ALL students will practice an active lifestyle (S.3) & stay in shape (S.4) by:

-developing a sense of body, space, & safety/emergency awareness (S.2)

-using a Physical Activity Pyramid (PAP) guide to develop their own MYPAP (S.3) to help improve/meet/maintain personal fitness goals (FitnessGram) trying to avoid a sedentary lifestyle (S.4)

-engaging (S.3) in PAP2 Recreational &/or Leisure physical activities (Movement, Invasion, Net, Team, Individual, etc.) (S.1 - 3)



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Mr. Ramos