CORRECTION to January Parent Bulletin:  February 13 - No school for students due to Teacher's Institute Day, not PD Waiver Day.   ~~~~ CORRECTION to February Parent Bulletin:  March 27 - No school - Prince Kuhio Day, Office Closed;     March 28: School Open;     April 14 No School - Good Friday, Office Closed  ~~~~ Please remember to scroll to the bottom of the home page for NEWS ALERTS and UPCOMING EVENTS.   ~~~~ 2016-2017 Theme: REFLECT... Learn from your mistakes ~~~~

Salt Lake Elementary School

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Updates: Dismissal Change & Thank you, TEACHERS!

The best teachers

Are not always the ones with medals

The most amazing teachers

Don’t always have credentials

Superlative teachers

Don’t always have accolades

Excellent teachers

Don’t always emphasize grades

Teachers who can be called

Perfect in every way

Are tireless and dedicated ones like you

For that, I thank you today 

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