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Salt Lake Elementary School

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2016-2017 Salt Lake Theme, Presented by Student Council at our Welcome Back Assembly

Fun Fair Rides

Rides and Slides at the Fun Fair

These Kindergarteners are getting warmed up for the Fun Run.

WE DID IT! Over 100 bags of recycled cans and plastic bottles were donated! THANK YOU!

2nd Graders during the cool down walk. 

YAY! Enjoying our ice pops after the Fun Run!

Student Council 2016-2017 Officers

News & Announcements

Recycling Drive! Bring your HI5 aluminum cans and plastic bottles on Wednesday, August 24 at 7:00-7:50am

Please remember to donate HI5 aluminum cans and plastic bottles only. All proceeds will go to the Student Council for appreciation activities for students and staff. Our goal this year is 100 large bags!

Directions -
1) Rinse out your cans and bottles.
2) All bottles should have caps removed and labels still on.
3) Separate the plastic from the aluminum in different bags.
4) Write the student's name, grade, room number, and total number of items in each bag.

First Week of IRA Classes

IRA Classes (Music, PE, Library, Computer) begin this week! Please see the upcoming events to check when your grade has IRA. Remember to bring your water bottles (labeled with your name), wear your name tag, and shoes for P.E.

1) Technology forms were sent home the first week of school. Please make sure forms were signed and returned. You CAN'T use the computer until your forms are turned in!
2) P.E. forms will be sent home on your IRA day, please sign and return to your homeroom teacher.

Office Appreciation Day 4/20/16

Thank you to our Office Staff: Mr. Abe, Mrs. Casinas, Mrs. Gladys Chun, Mrs. Lehua Simeon, Mrs. Lina Galiza, Mrs. Madeline Maddagan, Mrs. Sydney Suzuki, Ms. Jodi Fujimoto, and Ms. Tricia Balanay. We all appreciate your hard work and everything you do to help support our school! (Sorry not all names were listed yesterday!)

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Upcoming Events

"Bully Free" Blue Shirt Day
Date: 9/1/2016
All Day IRA Grade K
Date: 9/1/2016, 8 AM 2 PM
Location: Computer Lab, Library
All Day IRA Grade 6
Date: 9/2/2016, 8 AM 2 PM
Location: Computer Lab, Library
HOLIDAY: Labor Day
Date: 9/5/2016
All Day IRA Grade 5
Date: 9/6/2016, 8 AM 2 PM
Location: Computer Lab, Library
PTA Meeting
Date: 9/6/2016, 5 PM 6:30 PM
Location: Library
"Drug Free" Red Shirt Day
Date: 9/7/2016
Grade PreK & K Field Trip
Date: 9/8/2016
All Day IRA Grade 4
Date: 9/8/2016, 8 AM 2 PM
Location: Computer Lab, Library
All Day IRA Grade 3
Date: 9/9/2016, 8 AM 2 PM
Location: Computer Lab, Library