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Salt Lake Elementary School

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Rides and Slides at the Fun Fair

Some of our Dolphin Stars performed at the Fun Fair!

These Kindergarteners are getting warmed up for the Fun Run.

2nd Graders during the cool down walk. 

Rock climbing at the Fun Fair!

Thanks PTA for another wonderful FUN FAIR!!

Fun Fair Rides

YAY! Enjoying our ice pops after the Fun Run!

News & Announcements

Office Appreciation Day 4/20/16

Thank you to our Office Staff: Mr. Abe, Mrs. Casinas, Mrs. Gladys Chun, Mrs. Lehua Simeon, Mrs. Lina Galiza, Mrs. Madeline Maddagan, Mrs. Sydney Suzuki, Ms. Jodi Fujimoto, and Ms. Tricia Balanay. We all appreciate your hard work and everything you do to help support our school! (Sorry not all names were listed yesterday!)

Spring Testing is Here!

Testing is from April 26 through May 13. For grades 3, 4, 5 and 6, the Hawaii State / Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) will begin at the end of April. Parent Information Booklets were sent home shortly before testing started.

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