Grade 2 » Habits of Mind

Habits of Mind

Salt Lake Elementary

Habits of Mind

Arthur L. Costa


v Attending

Focuses on the task at hand

Is not easily distracted





v Persistence

Keeps on trying: does not give up easily





v Deliberativeness

Shows less impulsivity; thinks before acting





v Flexibility/Fluency

Open to alternatives; sees  

many possibilities

Can generate many different ideas





v Precision

Uses words carefully; checks for accuracy and quality; attends to detail





v Inquisitiveness

Responds by asking questions; enjoys problem solving, and demonstrates curiosity





v Life-long learner

Strives for improvement; searches for new and better ways





v Originality

Enjoys making and doing original things





v Metacognition

Puts into words his/her own thinking; self-reflects





v Empathy

Listens to others with sensitivity and understanding





v Elaboration

Builds on other people’s thinking





v Risk-taking

Willing to take on new challenges; not afraid of making mistakes



v Prior Knowledge


Learns from experience


Below are the Habits of Mind that we would like to focus on each month.
August – Attending
September – Empathy
October – Deliberativeness
November/December – Risk-taking
January – Persistence
February – Inquisitiveness
March – Prior Knowledge
April – Precision & Accuracy
May – Flexibility and Originality