Kindergarten » General Learner Outcomes - GLO's

General Learner Outcomes - GLO's

Grade K GLOs“I Can Statements”:

GLO #1: Self-Directed Learner-

-I can work independently and ask for help when needed.

-I can organize my workplace and materials.

-I can make productive use of class time.

GLO#2:  Community Contributor-

-I can participate cooperatively and appropriately with others to achieve a goal.

-I can show respect and recognize the feelings of others.

-I can follow school and classroom rules.

-I can make good choices.

GLO#3:  Complex Thinker-

-I can use prior knowledge and experiences to solve problems.

-I can explain answers and make changes.

-I can solve problems in different ways.

GLO#4:  Quality Producer-

-I can strive to complete work neatly and completely.

GLO#5:  Effective Communicator-

-I can speak effectively in front of a group.

-I can listen attentively for understanding.

-I can follow directions.

-I can strive towards learning goals.